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We supply top of the line smoking and grilling products. We are always looking at new and better ways to serve our fellow smoker kings and queens.

We stock Green Mountain Grill and ASMOKE smokers and can help assist you in finding the right fit for your smoking needs.

Lumberjack Pellets are our favourite for flavour and variety. We offer a wide range of flavours and sizes to accompany any type of food you are preparing.

As for spices, rubs and sauces, we are always bringing in new flavours! Our top brands are: Croix Valley, Suckle Busters, BBQ Pit Boys, Meat Crunch and more.

Meat and Poultry is all kept frozen until delivery. **Note, shipping is not available for meat and poultry. Delivery or pickup only**

If there is any product you are interested in trying, let us know we are always looking at bringing in new and delicious products!

What We Offer

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