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Combining flavour, convenience, and versatility! Go low and slow, or fast and hot with ASMOKE’s temperature dial ranging from 180° to 500° F. The hopper holds up to 4 lbs of pellets, while the 256 sq in ample cooking space fits all your favorite meats, vegetables, seafood, and more.

  • Superior build quality: Features Stainless Steel and premium porcelain non-stick coating
  • 8 Cooking Styles: BBQ, bake, roast, braise, smoke, sear, broil, and char-grill
  • Use with: Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets for authentic smoky flavors
  • Portable and versatile: Create the perfect barbecue anywhere in the country
  • First grill to feature our new ASCA System™ for a mouthwatering BBQ experience


  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • AS350 portable pellet grill
  • ASCA Technology
  • Side bucket to collect oil & grease for easier cleaning
  • Meat thermometer
  • User manual

ASMOKE AS350 Portable Wood Pellet BBQ Grill & Smoker (with ASCA Technology)

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