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Jealous Devil is crafted from pure, dense South American hardwood. No chemicals. No fillers. No sparks, pops, flare-ups, or mountains of ash. Just a flavor-enhancing aroma and incredible performance for chefs and enthusiasts that crave better power, control, and taste.

Restaurant kitchens typically use 25-40% less fuel when switching to Jealous Devil – and so do backyard grills and smokers. Low and slow? Get that perfect smoke ring with fewer reloads and better temperature control. Hot and fast? Harness a 1100F+ max temp and clean burn for perfectly seared steak and crispy pizza. Bonus: you’ll get to taste your food instead of your fuel – and make the neighbors jealous.

When you’re only using one ingredient, it better be a damn good one. Only the purest, densest, all-natural South American Quebracho hardwood is selected for a future as Jealous Devil lumps.

When you’re doing the Devil’s work, you have to get your hands a little dirty. Every batch of Jealous Devil is hand-picked, hand-cut, and hand-fired in signature brick kilns for the highest quality carboninzation possible.

"Jealous Devil is proud to make its charcoal from pure, renewable South American hardwood. We source only from trees already being thoughtfully harvested to make space for agriculture or development, using eco-conscious methods in full legal compliance with the Paraguayan government and local regulations. But it’s time to turn the heat up.

We’re starting with FSC certification, with the goal that 100% of our hardwood is sourced from responsibly managed forests and that our production techniques benefit local economies and ecosystems.

And next year, we’ll be launching a nonprofit dedicated to funding local Paraguayan efforts that protect the region’s flora and fauna from pollution, unsustainable deforestation, and habitat destruction.

We believe mystery ingredients and drama belong in reality TV, not cooking fuel. We own our entire production chain, share images of our manufacturing process on social media, and work hard to remain transparent about what is – and isn’t – in our product. You deserve to know what’s heating your meat." -Jealous Devil

Premium XL Lump Charcoal (20lb.)

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