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All of our Rib Candies are versatile because they are in essence fruit in a bottle. In most cases, we have heat added with habaneros, but this one (and a few others) is full of sweetness. Apple Rib Candy™ is all sweet.

It has a naturally sweet flavor from the apples and we add some sugar just to encourage the flavors to pop.

It is like eating an apple in glaze form.

What can sweet glazes be used for?

Anything you add a glaze to, you can use ours.

This sweet Rib Candy is a popular one for pork chops. You can brush it on your chops about 8-10 minutes before they are done. Boom-you have added the perfect apple punch!

Since Rib Candy and Bird Bath are smooth glazes, no goopy clumpy mess, you can easily incorporate them into a dish for enhanced flavor.

We enjoy mixing it into our fried apples. 

Texas Pepper Jelly Apple Sweet Rib Candy

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